Pam Stern


I have been making art of some kind since I was very small. When I was growing up there was a sculpture of a magician on our piano and that image has stayed with me throughout the years.  I finally used that image on a stoneware violin I created. My father played the violin and my mother played the piano. I was not musical so I expressed my creativity by drawing all over everything in the house.

For the last 20 years I have been creating works in clay, mostly figurative and a little surreal. Dreams and memories pop up in my work and often surprise me. It's a lot of fun to see my fingers do things my brain hasn't ordered. I love to draw and paint and am spending more and more time doing this on the sculptures with underglazes and encaustics. When I am working in clay I am in my bliss and time disappears. Exploring the possibilities and encountering the unexpected are what inspire me and keep me creating new pieces.